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GOP Zombies vs. Dem Vampires

A statistical study indicates that our pop culture churns out more vampire-related entertainment under Democratic administrations and more zombie stories under Republicans. The implication of the research is that those icons act as archetypes for each party. Naturally, as a Republican I’m …

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Written by Chris Ladd on Friday December 9, 2011

I Come Not to Bury Obama But to Praise Him

“Vene, Vidi, Mori”  Forgive the mangled Latin in both tense and person. Hilary Clinton’s delighted expression yesterday that “ We came, We saw, He died ,” echoing Caesar, delighted me. It is time for conservatives and Republicans to follow Pete Wehner at Commentary and begin praising Nobel …

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Written by John Vecchione on Saturday October 22, 2011

Republicans Are For Clean Air, Too

Many Republican officeholders and would-be officeholders are telegraphing to voters an either-or message: They can have more jobs or they can have cleaner air. But they can't have both. Rhetoric about closing down EPA and removing bureaucrats' boots off industry's throat, however, is more about …

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Written by Jim DiPeso on Thursday October 20, 2011

How to Fix Obamacare

In my column for The Week , I discuss ways in which the Affordable Care Act could be streamlined into a workable solution for health care reform: If the election were held today, President Obama would probably lose. The Republicans would very likely score gains in the Senate, but …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday October 5, 2011

Boehner Can't Control his Caucus

At some point, Speaker John Boehner was going to have to show the most conservative members of his caucus that he would get work done in the House without them. Yesterday revealed that day has not yet come. The ramifications of the failure to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY12 in the …

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Written by Steve Bell on Thursday September 22, 2011

Unemployed for a Year. Who Speaks for Me?

I received The Call exactly a year ago at 11:30 a.m. EDT. That was a bit early. For almost nine years I had worked from my home in Charlotte, NC for a small company in California, so calls from the office before noon my time were not frequent. When I heard that my boss, his boss and the HR director …

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Written by Andrew Pavelyev on Monday August 22, 2011

What Has Perry Done for Hispanics Lately?

As Governor Rick Perry begins his presidential campaign, Hispanic voters open to the idea of voting Republican are wondering which Rick Perry will show up. In Texas, Hispanic voters concerned about immigration issues and undocumented immigrants have witnessed two Perrys: the good Perry who …

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Written by Tim Mak on Wednesday August 17, 2011

Too Soon Old, Too Late Wise

I wish my defense hawk friends at the American Enterprise Institute and the Weekly Standard had discerned before it was too late that a budget framework that calls for: (1) no additional revenues and (2) big cuts in discretionary spending, is not a hospitable climate for a robust defense budget. …

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Written by David Frum on Monday August 1, 2011

Boehner's New Plan - Even Deader

A few thoughts on the implications of Boehner adding a "Balanced Budget Amendment" to his debt-ceiling bill (which would now require that Congress pass a BBA before a second debt-ceiling increase could take place early in 2012): Adding the BBA makes the bill very likely to pass the House. …

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Written by Fred Bauer on Friday July 29, 2011

Boehner is in Danger of Losing Caucus Control

Reports from the Hill indicate that House Speaker John Boehner and his staff are "re-writing" the Speaker's plan to pass an extension of the looming debt ceiling.  That announcement, coupled with the serious objections of many in the House GOP caucus when the plan was first announced, reveals …

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Written by Steve Bell on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Obama: "Make Your Voices Heard"

President Obama last night appealed to supporters to make their voices heard, to pressure Congress to raise the debt ceiling. The demand he emphasized most: that any deal extend the administration enough credit to get past the next election. Odd priority, no? You might have expected that this …

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday July 26, 2011

Jim DeMint's Nation-Wrecking Fantasy

NRO has a report on the Republican members of Congress willing to force default in order to get a Senate vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment. In the Senate, DeMint is also counting noses, hoping to stir an eleventh-hour movement. Conservative voters, he says, will lose faith in the …

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Written by David Frum on Thursday July 21, 2011

Boehner Shows Leadership in Debt Negotiations

Boehner’s acknowledgement that a smaller debt deal makes sense seems to allow a path to avoid default and lets the GOP make the best of the politically disastrous decision to play with the debt limit. Let’s have some genuine applause for John  Boehner’s leadership: his acknowledgement that a …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Monday July 11, 2011

What to Watch in the Debt Negotiations

Here are the things to watch as the news about the debt negotiations comes out today. While we await the news from today’s debt ceiling negotiations between Republicans and Democratic leaders, news outlets are already leaking and reporting on the possible contours of a deal. But which …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Thursday July 7, 2011

Default Will Extract a Political Price from the GOP

Republicans in Congress need to understand that there will be a political price to them, not only to the president, if they force the United States into a default. David Brooks delivers a withering column in today's NYT: The struggles of the next few weeks are about what sort of party the …

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday July 5, 2011

Did New York's Marriage Vote Change Anything?

For all the hype surrounding New York’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage, gay couples will still be denied many legal rights. For all the hype surrounding New York’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage, a number of points stand out. The first: gay marriage was already legal in New York, …

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Written by Ron Hill on Tuesday June 28, 2011

Low Tax States Don't Equal High Job States

As one explores the common threads among states with improving economies, current Republican rhetoric, with its heavy emphasis on tax policy, may cloud the issue. The Department of Labor has released its state-by-state labor numbers: joblessness had declined in 24 states, risen in 13 (and …

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Written by Harry Graver on Monday June 27, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage: A Dissenting Opinion

Same-sex marriage is the equivalent of the government mandating that two plus two equals five. Those who continue to say it equals four will be punished. David Frum has now thrown in the towel on same sex “marriage” .  In point of fact his original view was correct. This conjugal view of …

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Written by John Vecchione on Monday June 27, 2011

House GOP: Call Them Irresponsible

The president has Hail To The Chief. So it’s only fair Congress has its own song, lest imbalance between the branches of government take hold and imperil the Republic. It is true that we can and often do learn something new (and sometimes useful) every day. After living and working in Washingto…

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Written by Les Francis on Saturday June 25, 2011

Why The GOP Should Not Accept Ron Paul

The welcome extended to Ron Paul is changing the character of the GOP. If conservatives can't see how wrong his agenda is, that says something very disturbing. Conn Carroll asks a fair question from our recent bloggingheads : How can I believe that the conservative tent should stretch to …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Friday June 24, 2011