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Fat and Unemployed is No Way to Live

‘Galatea’ is a columnist writing about her experience looking for work after her recent downsizing. Previous entries in her series can be strong> read here

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Written by Galatea on Saturday November 19, 2011

The Fat Diaries: It's a Struggle Keeping Out Bad Influences

My kids are finally reaching that age where I’m not involved in every aspect of their life. A few years ago I decided what they ate for breakfast lunch and dinner. I came up with, or at least supervised every activity they pursued. I enforced good manners from the moment they woke up to the …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday September 30, 2011

When Did South Florida Become a Food Mecca?

I spend a lot of time--mostly on business--in South Florida. Tuesday night I was across the street from one of only six Skyline Chili locations outside of metropolitan Cincinnati (all of them in Florida). I ate some authentic St. Louis style BBQ ribs with onions that was just like what you'd get …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Thursday September 15, 2011

Eat, Pray, Eat Again

What's with Hollywood’s ongoing obsession with women and food? Do women find their identities not so much in spiritual or emotional revelations but in plates of linguine? In the film Bridesmaids , there is a scene in which Kristen Wiig, after snubbing a kind-hearted man vying for her romantic …

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Written by Daniel Alexandre Portoraro on Friday June 17, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Can I Have That Downsized?

With food companies making packaged portions smaller many Americans are complaining that they just aren't getting their money's worth. But I couldn't be happier. Lately, people have been complaining that companies are cutting back on the size of food portions. The chips come in smaller bags, …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday May 27, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Beware the Vending Machine Diet

Asking restaurants and theaters to post calorie counts seems like a good call, but targeting vending machines may be too much. New rules are being proposed by the FDA that could (if approved) make some changes in the world of vending machines. The feds want the calorie content of each item …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday May 13, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Can You Sleep Your Way to Skinny?

It’s been pounded into our heads since we were old enough to whine, “but I’m not tired, Mom,” that sleep's important. But now, it's harder to get than ever. So how was your weekend? A doozy right? A royal wedding and the bad guy dies. Sounds like a Shakespeare play (or maybe a Disney movie). …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday May 6, 2011

The Fat Diaries: The New Eating Disorders

Thanks to our crusade against obesity we know more about the science of why we eat. But as we learn more, we may have to shift our focus from weight to health. We’ve all heard of anorexia, bulimia, and even lately overeating described as a psychological mania in people. In fact thanks to …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday April 29, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Let Me Have Cake

I'm turning thirty today, and just my luck: My birthday's falling on Good Friday, a fast day for Catholics. So I can’t even have the one thing I want, a huge chocolate cake. I’m thirty years old today. My birthday always falls on Earth Day, which has always annoyed me to no end. Not that …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday April 22, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Boot the Brown Bag Lunch Ban

A public school in Chicago has instituted a ban on lunches from home. But is dissing parents really the way to push healthy eating? If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat yer meat? - Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday April 15, 2011

The Fat Diaries: The 'Royal' Diet Hits America

A new French diet is all the rage in Europe and thanks to a rumored link with Prince William's future mother-in-law, the frenzy is about to hit our shores. Have you got your commemorative plate? Your William & Kate mug? Is your gigantic refrigerator bearing the likenesses of the …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday March 25, 2011

The Next Fake Hollywood Scare: Child Hunger

A new documentary Hungry in America hopes to launch a crusade to end child hunger. But if they don't their facts right, they may discredit a worthy cause. The current wave of partisan cinéma non-vérité has become every bit as formulaic and tiresome as Michael Moore's scruffy Common Man routine.  …

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Written by Tim Hodgson on Sunday March 20, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Confessions of a Movie Snack Smuggler

A new mandate forcing movie theaters to share the calorie contents of their foods has concession stands worried they will lose more business. They lost mine years ago. Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day. Mine was lamer than usual in that I was out of beer and forgot to buy something …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday March 18, 2011

A Conservative Case for Farmers’ Markets

So much of what we celebrate today as the “farm-to-table” movement is really just a modern re-imagining, or re-invention, of a less industrialized time. Every Thursday evening,  around 7 p.m., I begin checking outside my side door to see if the elves have made their delivery yet. It’s quite …

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Written by Danielle Crittenden on Friday March 11, 2011

In Defense of Vegemite

Obama may find Vegemite, Australia's national condiment, "horrible" but growing up in Australia, I became addicted to it. I smiled when I read President's Obama's remarks about how disgusting he finds Vegemite, Australia's national condiment.  "It's horrible" he exclaimed at a Virginia school …

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Written by Yvonne Crittenden on Tuesday March 8, 2011

Michael Pollan: I'll Still Shop at Whole Foods

CEO John Mackey's views on health care, much as I disagree with them, will not prevent me from shopping at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is not perfect, however if they were to disappear, the cause of improving Americans' health would suffer. John Mackey's views on health care, much as I disagree with …

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Written by Michael Pollan on Friday August 28, 2009