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Middle Class Taxpayers Still Lose

The recent fight over the extension of the payroll tax holiday has once again shown that the Republican Party does not particularly care about the middle class tax burden. The party is quite interested though in cutting taxes on the highest earners. What gets completely ignored is the fact that …

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Written by Andrew Pavelyev on Thursday December 29, 2011

The GOP's Followership Problem

Here's a question to worry about in 2012: Does the inability of Speaker Boehner to lead his House caucus foreshadow the inability of a President Romney to lead a dual-chambered Republican Congress? One of the dominant factors motivating the decisions of rank-and-file right-wing House …

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Written by David Frum on Monday December 26, 2011

Brinkmanship Works

It seems that everyone is deploring the “tactics” of the House Republicans in refusing to pass a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut and by doing so, drawing out the standoff until the last minute. Is this the way resolve a dispute? Yes, deadlines force the combatants to make concessions…

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Written by Howard Foster on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Boehner is Trapped by His Caucus

An old joke heard often in the Southwest ends this way: “It isn’t always your enemies that get you into it; it isn’t always your friends who get you out of it; but, when you are in it up to your neck, keep your damned mouth shut.” Unfortunately, Speaker John Boehner’s predicament confirms …

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Written by Steve Bell on Wednesday December 21, 2011

How Dare The WSJ Blame The House GOP?

The Wall Street Journal this morning excoriates House Republicans for mishandling the payroll tax holiday: The GOP leaders have somehow managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for opposing a one-year extension of a tax holiday that they are surely going to pass. This is no easy double …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Government Shutdown: Again?

Einstein gets credit for many things, including his definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Next to that quote should be the official photos of the 112 th Congress. For the third time in 7 months, some form of federal …

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Written by Steve Bell on Monday September 26, 2011

Boehner Can't Control his Caucus

At some point, Speaker John Boehner was going to have to show the most conservative members of his caucus that he would get work done in the House without them. Yesterday revealed that day has not yet come. The ramifications of the failure to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY12 in the …

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Written by Steve Bell on Thursday September 22, 2011

Boehner's New Plan - Even Deader

A few thoughts on the implications of Boehner adding a "Balanced Budget Amendment" to his debt-ceiling bill (which would now require that Congress pass a BBA before a second debt-ceiling increase could take place early in 2012): Adding the BBA makes the bill very likely to pass the House. …

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Written by Fred Bauer on Friday July 29, 2011

This is Scary

Early this morning, I had breakfast with a member of Congress—a person I like, respect, have donated to in the past, will donate to in the future, and know isn’t crazy. This man shares at least 90 percent of my views. He’s not a Tea Party Caucus member but is a stalwart in the conservative …

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Written by FF Washington Insider on Thursday July 28, 2011

One Question for Boehner Plan Supporters

Jen Rubin at the Washington Post has 10 questions for critics of the Boehner plan. I have just one question for the plan's supporters. And it is: If the Boehner plan is adopted, exactly what has been accomplished from a Republican point of view that could not have been accomplished by …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday July 27, 2011

A Famous Victory

Look, I know that it's urgent that we all pretend to believe that the Boehner plan represents a famous victory for fiscal conservatism. My question probably comes under the heading of "too soon." But ... ... should the Boehner plan become law, what exactly has this debt ceiling showdown …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

My new column in the Week (misattributed a few minutes ago to my estimable Week editor, Ben Frumin, no relation) praises the Boehner plan for its artful use of smoke and mirrors. Tea Party Republicans confront a party establishment unanimously representing the Boehner plan as a huge …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Boehner is in Danger of Losing Caucus Control

Reports from the Hill indicate that House Speaker John Boehner and his staff are "re-writing" the Speaker's plan to pass an extension of the looming debt ceiling.  That announcement, coupled with the serious objections of many in the House GOP caucus when the plan was first announced, reveals …

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Written by Steve Bell on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Not Got the Votes?

Talking Points Memo summarizes the major internal opponents John Boehner faces as he tries and fails to whip the votes for his plan to raise the debt ceiling. It's the Chamber of Commerce v. Freedom Works. Also Sen. Lindsey Graham v. Rep. Allen West - although in the Graham-West case, each is …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Blame for Debt Talks is Divided

There is little evidence to suggest that either President Obama or House Speaker John Boehner gained much political leverage as a result of Friday night’s dueling press conferences or Monday night’s back-to-back speeches. If anecdotal evidence and public opinion polls are to be believed, the only …

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Written by Les Francis on Wednesday July 27, 2011

Bloggers React to Boehner's Debt Ceiling Plan

As more details began emerging today about House Speaker John Boehner’s new debt-ceiling proposal, FrumForum decided to compile some initial reactions to the plan from around the Web. The Washington Examiner ’s Philip Klein is skeptical that Boehner can deliver on his promised spending cuts: …

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Written by Ajay Ravichandran on Monday July 25, 2011

GOP Demands Unconditional Surrender

The GOP is demanding unconditional surrender on the debt ceiling, just like it did on healthcare In my CNN column , I write about how the GOP is seeking unconditional surrender on the debt ceiling, and that this can lead to the same disaster that happened to the healthcare bill: In this …

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Written by David Frum on Monday July 18, 2011

Boehner Shows Leadership in Debt Negotiations

Boehner’s acknowledgement that a smaller debt deal makes sense seems to allow a path to avoid default and lets the GOP make the best of the politically disastrous decision to play with the debt limit. Let’s have some genuine applause for John  Boehner’s leadership: his acknowledgement that a …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Monday July 11, 2011

What to Watch in the Debt Negotiations

Here are the things to watch as the news about the debt negotiations comes out today. While we await the news from today’s debt ceiling negotiations between Republicans and Democratic leaders, news outlets are already leaking and reporting on the possible contours of a deal. But which …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Thursday July 7, 2011