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Will Newt Win? Lets Ask President Giuliani!

Though Newt Gingrich seems to be styling himself as the inevitable nominee, a look back at the polling in during the Republican primary race in late 2007 suggests that Gingrich's camp should not get too confident yet. In December 2007, no polls seemed to show McCain as the frontrunner. …

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Written by Fred Bauer on Wednesday December 7, 2011

Huntsman's Ryan Plan Mistake

Jon Huntsman is a responsible reform-minded Republican -- but by embracing the Ryan plan he may be setting himself up to follow in the footsteps of Rudy Giuliani. The entry of Jon Huntsman into the GOP races inspires great hope for governance-minded Republicanism. Here is a candidate who is …

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Written by David Frum on Monday June 20, 2011

GOP Base's 2012 Pick: None of the Above

A new CNN poll putting Rudy Giuliani at the head of the pack of potential 2012 GOP candidates only highlights the weak state of the current crop of contenders. The Iowa caucuses begin in 254 days. Not only do Republicans not have a clear favorite, but polls routinely show considerable support …

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Written by Jeb Golinkin on Friday May 27, 2011