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An Environmental Nominee Conservatives Should Love

Rebecca Wodder, President Obama's nominee to serve as the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks will be a topic of discussion in the business meeting of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Thursday. And many Republicans on the committee are sure to raise …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Wednesday December 7, 2011

The Free Market Can't Clean Up This Nuclear Mess

Eli Lehrer ably defends the Department of Energy, the flawed and unloved agency whose name fell away from Rick Perry's lips when his neural network took an inopportune coffee break. As Lehrer pointed out, about half of DOE's budget is allotted for watchdogging our nuclear arsenal and cleaning …

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Written by Jim DiPeso on Friday November 11, 2011

Why is There Opposition to Better Lightbulbs?

The fact that congress is promoting lightbulbs that consume less electricity is a cause for cheer. You don't buy electricity for the sake of having electricity. You buy it for the services that electricity provides – hot showers, cold drinks, bright lights, and a home that shelters you from the …

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Written by Jim DiPeso on Friday July 15, 2011

An Environmental Stance Can Win the GOP Votes

Stanford University released a poll suggesting that GOP candidates should reconsider pandering to the most ideologically locked-in Republican voters on climate change. Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment recently released the result of polls suggesting that Republican …

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Written by Jim DiPeso on Thursday July 7, 2011