Romney Can't Keep Running From Romneycare

Written by David Frum on Monday April 11, 2011

Mitt Romney's Presidential announcement video doesn't mention his Massachusetts healthcare plan, but he can't keep avoiding it.

Mitt Romney's announcement video leads with jobs. Good. It cites Romney's real world business experience. Good.

It treats his healthcare plan as an embarrassing incident best left unmentioned. Good try.

Masscare was Romney's signature achievement as an elected official. If it was a mistake, it's very hard to explain why its author - as opposed to any of a thousand other successful business leaders - should be president. It's not as if there is a vast repertoire of other governing accomplishments that could compensate for the putative error of this one.

And if Romney believes that Masscare was not a mistake, he'd better defend it. After all, his party critics and opponents will not refrain from attacking it.