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What Keeps the American Dream Alive?

President Obama’s recent speech on income inequality and upward mobility has struck a chord with many Democrats. If the President keeps using this rhetoric, then it could become a central message of the 2012 campaign. If this happens, I would also bet that Elizabeth Warren will give the keynote …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Friday December 16, 2011

States Will Be Slammed by Default

A federal default could cascade through state governments, forcing tax increases and budget cuts on local taxpayers. Medicaid budgets could be slashed. Federal money for unemployment benefits could halt. State colleges could lose federal grants. The Pew Center on the States reports that …

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Written by Nicole Glass on Wednesday July 27, 2011

State Pension Funds: Who's in Worst Shape?

Which states have the worst pension fund liabilities? Here's a hint: both of Obama's home states make the list. Here are the states in worst liability shape according to Pew : Hawaii, $16.6 billion in liabilities, only 69% funded. Kentucky, $34 billion in liabilities, only 64% funded. …

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Written by David Frum on Thursday February 24, 2011