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Veterans Earned Their Benefits

Thanks alot McCain, I'm sorry I voted for your sorry RINO ass. Of course, I only voted for you because the alternative was unthinkable--but it's not as if there was a conservative in the running. This latest caper of yours confirms it: According to reports, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has …

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Written by Sean Linnane on Tuesday November 8, 2011

Sen. McCain: Share What You Know About Libya

Sen. McCain is urging recognition of the anti-Qaddafi rebels as Libya's legitimate government. But his call would hold more weight if he explained why he's convinced they aren't inspired by or beholden to radical Islamists. Sen. John McCain in Libya urges recognition of the anti-Qaddafi rebels …

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Written by David Frum on Friday April 22, 2011

Scorched Earth Conservatives

In a fiery debate , Frontpagemagazine.com editor David Horowitz accuses NewMajority's David Frum of "scorched-earth attacks on Glenn Beck." Frum replies: "It’s bad luck for you that we are having this discussion in the same week that Glenn Beck a) expressed his enthusiasm for a Hillary Clinton …

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Written by David Frum on Thursday September 24, 2009