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Romney Doesn't Carry Small Change

Mitt Romney's proposed $10,000 bet with Rick Perry has earned a lot of criticism for the candidate. Given that it was a rhetorical device (albeit a clumsy one) rather than an actual bet and given that a $10,000 is not really a lot of money for a presidential campaign, I'm personally inclined to …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Monday December 12, 2011

The Five Thousand Dollar Man

The Republican Presidential candidates are just beginning to explore the rich trove of material Rick Perry has left for them across a long, amateurish career. The thoughtless series of overstatements that he collected into his “book” are a million bumper stickers waiting to be printed. The …

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Written by Chris Ladd on Wednesday September 14, 2011

Who is Getting Into These Debates?

One unexpected story that has emerged from the two most recent GOP debates has been the behavior of the audience. They cheered when Rick Perry's record on executions was announced and Ron Paul got shouts of support when he was asked if a person who couldn't afford healthcare should be left to …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Wednesday September 14, 2011