Overview for fundraising

Perry's Money Machine Sputters

Back in August, which was a couple of political lifetimes ago, I wrote a piece about Texas Governor Rick Perry's strong fundraising base, specifically his unique ability to access a key part of the GOP's fundraising base--wealthy Republicans in Texas. Well, it looks like that money machine is …

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Written by Mark R. Yzaguirre on Friday November 18, 2011

How Bad Is Republican Fundraising? Bad.

I should be getting e-mail and telephone calls from Republicans but I'm just not. So far, I've gotten one direct mail letter from a Republican candidate for president, no telephone calls, and only generic e-mails sent to everyone on several large lists. Although I'm hardly a high-dollar donor by …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Monday July 25, 2011

Republican Fundraising: It's Worse Than it Looks

The bottom line is that Republicans will need to raise more money to win in 2012. Many of those engaged in conservative  happy talk about the huge fundraising gap between President Obama's haul ($86 million) and that of all Republican candidates combined (about $35 million) suggest that the …

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Wednesday July 13, 2011

Romney Goes for Expatriate Gold

Mitt Romney is holding a fundraising in London that is expected to bring in more cash than similar events by Giuliani, McCain and Obama. Mitt Romney is following in the footsteps of previous GOP presidential candidates, holding a $2, 500-per plate fundraising dinner tonight in London. The event …

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Written by Nicole Glass on Wednesday July 6, 2011

Pawlenty Spins His Fundraising Numbers

The way they are trying to spin Pawlenty's fundraising numbers shows the dire situation his campaign is in. Today, Governor Tim Pawlenty’s spokesman, Alex Conant, released this statement: "Gov. Pawlenty will report that his campaign has raised about $4.2 million, and begins the third …

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Written by Robert Lee on Saturday July 2, 2011

Log Cabin Director: Donors Want an Inclusive GOP

FrumForum contacted Log Cabin director R. Clarke Cooper to comment on his recent appointment to the RNC finance committee. FrumForum contacted Log Cabin director R. Clarke Cooper to comment on his recent appointment to the RNC finance committee: It is worth noting there is a developing …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Friday July 1, 2011

Obama Gets Snubbed by Wall Street

Business leaders are being very thin-skinned about the president since he doesn't seem like them. They have better reasons not to support him. In the Clinton and Bush years, it often seemed that Wall Street and the super-rich were aligning themselves with the Democratic Party. Not any more . …

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Written by David Frum on Friday June 17, 2011