Overview for foreign-policy

Ron Paul's Bad Memory

Odd experience on CNN this morning. I was on a panel that had a chance to interview Ron Paul. I asked this question : "I attended a precinct caucus last night where the person who spoke on your behalf praised you as a strong social conservative: pro-life, anti-gay marriage. He also described …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday January 4, 2012

John Bolton as Secretary of State

Newt Gingrich's suggestion that he'd offer the top diplomatic job to the famously rough-edged Bolton reminds me of the shrewd English definition of a gentleman: one who never gives offense unintentionally.

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday December 7, 2011

Romney's Worst Debate

Tuesday was a bad night for Mitt Romney, maybe the very worst of any of these debates. It started badly with the joke about Mitt being his real first name, when it was not--and ended badly with a weak answer about "unexpected threats" that did not play at all to Romney's strengths on international …

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday November 22, 2011

FF Livechats the National Security Debate

GOP National Security Debate Post debate notes: -There were no questions about the European debt crisis. -Newt Gingrich will face accusations of supporting amnesty. He said that it would not be possible to expel all illegals and was supportive of a long-term guest worker program. -Ron …

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Written by FrumForum Editors on Tuesday November 22, 2011

With Friends Like Obama...

As Chris Sands writes at  Huffington Post Canada about the Obama administration's hostile action on the Keystone pipeline, with friends like President Obama, who needs enemies? [Canadian Prime Minister Stephen] Harper has been a great friend to Obama: supportive of the U.S. global warming …

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Written by David Frum on Monday November 14, 2011

My Questions for the Next GOP Debate

Had I been on the panel for Wednesday's economics debate, I'd have opened with the question: "Are taxes lower or higher today than on the day President Obama was sworn into office?" Just for fun. CBS and National Journal asked me among others to suggest some questions to ask the candidates at …

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Written by David Frum on Friday November 11, 2011

Foreign Policy, Finally!

The Heritage Foundation has  announced that it will co-host -- with the American Enterprise Institute and CNN -- a Republican presidential debate on foreign policy and national security. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a month (the debate won’t happen until Tuesday, November 15), but such …

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Written by John Guardiano on Tuesday October 18, 2011

Pawlenty Can't Afford His Foreign Policy

There are a lot of problems with Pawlenty's plan to fund more overseas military missions while also cutting government spending. GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty recently called for $2 trillion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses in the next decade, as well as two to three …

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Written by Nicole Glass on Saturday July 2, 2011

GOP Jews are Clear: Israel is an Election Issue

Despite cynical requests from Democrats, Republican Jews plan to keep Israel as an election issue in the next campaign cycle. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must have scored a big win in his speech to Congress.  In a Monday meeting at the Blair House between Netanyahu and  Jewish …

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Written by Fred Messner on Wednesday May 25, 2011

Frum & Greenwald: Was Bin Laden Hit Legal?

On Thursday, I recorded a new Bloggingheads with Salon.com's Glenn Greenwald. We discussed the killing of Osama Bin Laden and its implications for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. On Thursday, I recorded a new Bloggingheads with Salon.com's Glenn Greenwald. We discussed the killing of Osama Bin …

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Written by David Frum on Friday May 6, 2011

Palin Flops in India

If Palin's speech at a Delhi conference was intended to establish her foreign policy credentials, she failed. With due respect to aficionados of the emerging India-US alliance, it is difficult to see how New Delhi qualifies as an appropriate destination for a potential presidential candidate to …

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Written by Kapil Komireddi on Saturday March 19, 2011

Does Obama Prefer a Qaddafi Victory?

The White House has moved slowly on Libya. Does Obama genuinely want to see Qaddafi toppled or has he decided that America is better off with his regime in place? The Obama administration has moved slowly on Libya. My latest CNN column asks: has the White House decided America will be better off …

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Written by David Frum on Monday March 14, 2011

The White House's Clumsy Timing

Sept. 17, 2009, is the day that the Obama administration yielded to Russian pressure and canceled the proposed missile defense system based in Poland and the Czech Republic. Today also happens to be the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, when Russia gulped down its share of …

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Written by David Frum on Thursday September 17, 2009