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Why Cameron's EU Veto Made Sense

Last week in Brussels, the United Kingdom for the first time in a long time refused to be dictated to by continental elites. David Cameron, under enormous pressure from the Commission, other “core” Union members, and the (then) sotto voce pro-Europe disposition of his LibDem coalition …

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Written by Jeff Cimbalo on Friday December 16, 2011

The UK's Future in Europe Looks Very Swiss

Despite what the sensational media coverage might suggest, EU-UK relations did not experience a watershed moment last week. The EU has indeed become a two-tier organization but the divide has not occurred between the UK and Europe but between the Northern “fiscal hawks” and the slump European …

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Written by Robin Tim Weis on Wednesday December 14, 2011

British Conservatives Face the Future

Anyone who gets drawn into the attempts to modernize the Republican Party inevitably ends up reading about the experiences of the UK and Canadian conservatives. The Canadian Conservatives went through many years in the wilderness before they eventually secured their current governing majority and …

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Tuesday November 15, 2011

Will Britain Pay to Save the Euro?

David Cameron also has a referendum problem. Britain’s current government uneasily combines euro-skeptics and euro-enthusiasts. Two weeks ago, 81 Conservative backbenchers broke with party leaders to vote in favor of a new referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Cameron had promised such a …

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Written by Jeff Cimbalo on Thursday November 3, 2011

No Criticism Please, We're British

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Written by David Frum on Thursday August 11, 2011

No British Understatement From David Cameron

UK Prime Minister Cameron articulated what Republicans struggle to say: a center-right government can cut spending without jeopardizing social programs. I attended this evening (UK time) the annual summer party of the British think tank Policy Exchange. (I serve on the board of the American …

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday June 21, 2011