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How the '90s Became the 2000s

Last week, I took a (semi) objective look back at the 1990s nostalgia craze in our politics, from Democrats who remember the time with all the glory and majesty as the most ardent Fox Newsie remembers the Reagan '80s, to Newt Gingrich's comeback on the Republican side of the ledger. Before I …

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Written by Telly Davidson on Saturday December 17, 2011

Two Americas

From my Twitter feed : Wasserman: 82% of cong districts that flipped from D to R in 2010 had a Cracker Barrel; just 20% had a Whole Foods. http://wapo.st/uHuYRB

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Written by David Frum on Friday December 9, 2011

Face it Buchanan, America is Changing

In British tradition there is a one-line statement that announces the passing of a monarch: “The King is dead. Long live the King.” A political institution with a 1500 year history spanning war, conquest, and in several instances its own apparent extinction, can afford to take a little bad …

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Written by Chris Ladd on Monday November 21, 2011

The Fat Diaries: The New Eating Disorders

Thanks to our crusade against obesity we know more about the science of why we eat. But as we learn more, we may have to shift our focus from weight to health. We’ve all heard of anorexia, bulimia, and even lately overeating described as a psychological mania in people. In fact thanks to …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday April 29, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Let Me Have Cake

I'm turning thirty today, and just my luck: My birthday's falling on Good Friday, a fast day for Catholics. So I can’t even have the one thing I want, a huge chocolate cake. I’m thirty years old today. My birthday always falls on Earth Day, which has always annoyed me to no end. Not that …

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday April 22, 2011

Mississippi GOP's Embarrassing Interracial Fears

PPP released a survey last week that should cause stomachs to churn: among GOP primary voters in Mississippi, 46% believe interracial marriage shouldn't be legal. Public Policy Polling released a survey last week that should cause stomachs to churn throughout polite society; among Republican …

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Written by Corey Chambliss on Sunday April 10, 2011

Why NPR's Better Off Without Federal Funds

NPR gets 2% of their direct funding from the federal government. Is that worth the media headlines and political battles? I think it's safe to say that National Public Radio has had a rough week recently.  Support for NPR funding during the current budget cycle has become a proxy for other …

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Written by Mark R. Yzaguirre on Sunday March 13, 2011

A Conservative Case for Farmers’ Markets

So much of what we celebrate today as the “farm-to-table” movement is really just a modern re-imagining, or re-invention, of a less industrialized time. Every Thursday evening,  around 7 p.m., I begin checking outside my side door to see if the elves have made their delivery yet. It’s quite …

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Written by Danielle Crittenden on Friday March 11, 2011

Germany's Defense Minister Rocks Out

Last night in Berlin, Germany's recently resigned defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg received a unique hard rock farewell from the military. Last night in Berlin, the Bundeswehr conducted a stunning farewell ceremony for Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the country’s recently resigned …

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Written by Ulf Gartzke on Friday March 11, 2011

In Defense of Vegemite

Obama may find Vegemite, Australia's national condiment, "horrible" but growing up in Australia, I became addicted to it. I smiled when I read President's Obama's remarks about how disgusting he finds Vegemite, Australia's national condiment.  "It's horrible" he exclaimed at a Virginia school …

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Written by Yvonne Crittenden on Tuesday March 8, 2011