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Winning the Next Ohio

In my column for The Week I explain why voters rejected John Kasich's anti-collective bargaining bill and what can be done to allow bills like that to succeed in the future: Republicans have been looking to cuts in future retiree benefits as a way to avoid future tax increases. In the …

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday November 9, 2011

Kasich's Collective Bargaining Fumble

In just a few hours, the polls in Ohio will close and we will begin to discover whether John Kasich’s signature initiative--Senate Bill 5, which ends collective bargaining rights for public sector unions--has survived the consistent attacks on it by the Ohio Democratic Party. Specifically, …

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Written by Mytheos Holt on Tuesday November 8, 2011

Kasich Cuts Costs With Prison Reforms

Gov. Tom Kasich’s prison reforms are a good example of how to be pragmatic in governance. The world is currently gripped in a push towards austerity. From the debt-ceiling debate, to the Eurozone crisis, to state shutdowns, it seems almost every governing body is forcing itself to make cuts. …

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Written by Harry Graver on Friday July 15, 2011