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Criticizing Holder is Not Racist

In a New York Times piece ostensibly characterizing Eric Holder's Justice Department tenure as tenacity in the face of partisan beligerence, the US Attorney General gives opponents the equivalent of manna from Heaven: “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified …

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Written by Jay Gatsby on Tuesday December 20, 2011

The Gitmo Debate's Biggest Loser

Obama's received flack for his Guantanamo flip-flop. But the biggest loser may be Attorney General Holder who pushed hardest to try KSM in New York. U.S. President Barack Obama is being sniped at for his apparent flip-flop in now okaying military tribunals in Guantanamo instead of civilian trials …

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Written by Peter Worthington on Thursday April 7, 2011

Holder Will Be Held Accountable

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not some Bond villain, an errant super-criminal finally put behind bars. He led an organized network of foreigners abroad who were at war with us long before KSM's actions pushed us into war with them. For those foreign terrorists, as opposed to their home-grown financier…

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Written by Richard Klingler on Thursday November 19, 2009