Overview for entitlement-reform

Admit it, GOP: Ryan's Budget Isn't Perfect

Why can't Republican leaders see what's obvious to others: that the Ryan budget has NO chance of passing until 2013, and isn't popular with voters? (NB: This is not addressed to any specific individuals. I also believe that supporters of the Ryan budget have every right to make their case as …

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Written by Fred Bauer on Wednesday May 25, 2011

The Welfare State Goes Bust

The changes contemplated by Yuval Levin and Paul Ryan won’t be the end of the welfare state. They will however amplify differences between those who receive aid and those who don’t. This is part three. Click here to read the entire series . I doubt that Yuval Levin would disagree …

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday April 12, 2011

Chris Matthews' Mediscare Won't Work

Chris Matthews claims Ryan's budget will “kill half the people who watch this show.” But why freak out grandma when the burden of reform is falling on the young? On Monday’s   Hardball with Chris Matthews , the host made a claim that the Paul Ryan bill would “kill half the people who watch this …

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Written by Brad Schaeffer on Tuesday April 12, 2011