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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hitchens

possible the greatest thinker of our modern era--left us this past week. It saddens me that I only now learn how great a thinker he was, for I met Christopher Hitchens--twice, in fact--but I did not really know him or his writings at the time, and I'm afraid I misjudged the man, sold him short.…

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Written by Sean Linnane on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Who is Killing Iran's Currency?

…- but obviously there's a lot more going on. And this is before the central bank sanctions of Menendez-Kirk begin to bite. It really may be possible to change Iran without war.

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Wall Street Ties Won't Sink Romney

are the embodiment of Wall Street insiders---they make Mitt Romney look like a secretary at the Merrill Lynch branch office in Fargo, North Dakota. Many of Obama's top advisors come from the world of Wall Street. Any attacks on Romney's Street connections immediately open Obama up to the

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Written by Fred Bauer on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Congressional Quagmire

workers. Senate Democrats wanted a series of pin-prick upper-income tax increases, including an end to the tax deductibility of corporate jets. Because the "pay for" could not be agreed, the Senate passed a stopgap holiday. Because the House Republicans think the stopgap holiday is stupid,…

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday December 20, 2011

Criticizing Holder is Not Racist

Chu, or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke--the latter of whom Governor Rick Perry threatened to "treat pretty ugly" should he ever find himself in Texas. Surely none of those Administration officials believe themselves to be easy targets due to their being African-Americans---with nary an

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Written by Jay Gatsby on Tuesday December 20, 2011

A New Leader for Hell on Earth

pain of death. While the newKimon top -- Kim Jong-un -- is unknown, odds are hes as nutty as his dad. On second-thought, maybe not. Hes got generals around him wholl curb (or try to curb) any excessive loony tunes emerging. Dear Leader dad was one for the ages. Reality is,…

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Written by Peter Worthington on Monday December 19, 2011

Gingrich Finds Judicial Review Inconvenient

but wonder, however, just what Mr. Gingrich said--from a historians perspective, of courseabout one of the most consequential events in our nations history, the 1803 Supreme Court decision known as Marbury vs. Madison . It was that landmark case wherein Chief Justice John Marshall,…

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Written by Les Francis on Monday December 19, 2011

Res Judicata: Where is the Authority For a Cell Phone Ban?

with renewed vigor as the death toll from driving-while-texting mounts. So the question becomes, why should the NTSB even propose a ban it is powerless to enforce? Republicans should answer this arrogation over state responsibility. Mind your own affairs, Secretary LaHood. Dont you have

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Written by Howard Foster on Monday December 19, 2011

Yes, Hotels Draw Job Seekers. So What?

for almost everyone: there are lots of not-so-skilled (but, in many cases, decently paid and unionized) jobs cleaning rooms and serving food. Skilled craftspeople like carpenters also have a place in hotels. And not all hotel jobs are blue collar either: white collar conference

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Written by Eli Lehrer on Monday December 19, 2011

The Coming Liberal Argument

still plague our economy. What is less-often discussed (until recently) is the role that inequality played in making the Great Recession and the subsequent slow recovery happen in the first place. Inequality has been rising for decades for most Americans in the form of stagnating

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Monday December 19, 2011