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Rick Perry's Little Trick

…"President of Honor," aimed at the Iowa caucus-voters. The ad montages endorsements and testimonials from winners of the congressional medal of honor, artfully edited in ways to make you think that Gov. Perry must be almost sort of a war hero himself. Hit pause at second 55. Whaddya see

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Written by David Frum on Friday December 23, 2011

Real Reaganites Don't Demonize Their Opponents

best in our lives; all that gives meaning to them--for the sake of this, our beloved and blessed land? Together, let us make this a new beginning. Let us make a commitment to care for the needy; to teach our children the values and the virtues handed down to us by our families; to have the

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Written by Fred Bauer on Friday December 23, 2011

Welcome to the DC Party Scene

Brookss stern glare at my ignorance, socially-awkward libertarians from third-tier thinktanks, alcohol, second wives, and small dogs. (Though I did meet the head of a large government agency while playing Fruit Ninja with him, so theres that.) Also, having to introduce myself as

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Written by Galatea on Friday December 23, 2011

Ron Paul Hates Government, Loves Pork

is such an outsider, if he is so much the anti-government/free-marketeer, how is it that in 2011 Paul was one of only four Republicans to request earmarks? $138 million worth in fact. A whopping $398 million in 2010. Here is this years laundry list that Paul attached to various bills to

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Written by Brad Schaeffer on Thursday December 22, 2011

Ron Paul's Useful Idiots

would likely make Paul Ryan look like a big-government RINO. Nicholsmust know that the real reason he like Ron Paul is because he sounds like a blogger from The Nation running for President. But that still doesnt go far enough in explaining why he overlooks all the many other

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Thursday December 22, 2011

Still No Justice for Lockerbie

Qaddafi himself was so shaken by the U.S.-led response to the al-Qaeda attacks that he announced his willingness to dismantle his weapons of mass destruction program, despite having received $3.5 billion from Saddam Hussein in 2002 to ward off an American challenges to his power. …

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Written by Anthony Amore on Thursday December 22, 2011

Talking With the Left About Climate Change

I wrote for a notional GOP politician in my how-to-explain-it post , I explained, was aimed at setting not only a policy framework but also a tone that could resonate with conservative voters. We discussed why Newt Gingrich now says his ad with Pelosi was a mistake (hint: it's not because he

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Written by Kenneth Silber on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Brinkmanship Works

the judge will rule a certain way on a pre-trial motion, and convince their clients that those positions will prevail. Then the clients let the lawyers fight on for round after round, running up the bill, but hoping their lawyers predictions will turn out to be true. This plays out

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Written by Howard Foster on Wednesday December 21, 2011

Boehner is Trapped by His Caucus

Insurance expiration will only apply to the long-term unemployed, but the room for mis-understanding, reinforced once again by campaign messages, is huge. Lets see: “Republicans support a tax increase on working men and women, but refuse to increase taxes on billionaires.”…

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Written by Steve Bell on Wednesday December 21, 2011

How Dare The WSJ Blame The House GOP?

either by lifting the cap on payroll taxes--or by some kind of surtax on high earners--or (worst of all!) by merging the Social Security system with general federal revenues and outlays. I foresee that day myself, and I worry about it. That's a reason that I so strongly favor carbon

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Written by David Frum on Wednesday December 21, 2011