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Canada's Senate Needs an Overhaul

all of which have failed. Harper wants an eight-year term for Senators, but no dice. A Senator is there until age 75, unless he/she commits some breach that gets him bounced. To blame Harper for appointing defeated MPs or hacks to the Senate when his efforts for reform have been rejected, is

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Written by Peter Worthington on Monday May 23, 2011

Calgary's Muslim Mayor Goes Green

all the time?” Mr. Nenshi asked. “This so-called borderless world has become more insular. The number of times I hear from people — ‘Oh, I ran into so and so on the flight from J.F.K. to Dubai.’ “I am very happy to let the Four Seasons tribe do their work on global

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Written by David Frum on Friday April 1, 2011

Ethnic Voter Outreach: Canadian Style

MP Nina Grewal tells the viewer: Indo-Canadians have worked hard to build Canada. Things havent always been fair for us, but the Conservatives have always recognized our history and our community sacrifice. The Conservatives fight for our values: belief in hard work, respect for

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Written by Tim Mak on Tuesday March 29, 2011

America Goes Missing in Action at the UN

of Canada occurred, it occurred months ago -- and it involved many more people than just a single UN ambassador. I've been working the phones to understand why the United States was not more active on Canada's behalf. I don't have an answer yet. But I do have a theory. It's only

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Written by David Frum on Saturday October 16, 2010

Senator Frum's Maiden Speech

today to speak for the first time in this place -- and I do so a little cautiously and very much in awe of this Chamber. I have been given an unexpected opportunity to serve my country as a Senator. I feel the full weight and honor of this new duty. Honourable Senators, I rise to speak to the

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday December 1, 2009

Gaddafi: The EU's Border Fence

Nautilus I (October 2006) and Nautilus II (June-July 2007, September-October 2007). Innocuous enough, right? Actually, the list of shame reads long in the case of FRONTEX and the EUs operations: deaths in the desert and in the Channel of Sicily, tortures and rapes in detention centers

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Written by Robin Tim Weis on Friday October 21, 2011

Was Canada's Afghan Mission a Success?

troops might pacify an area and then move out -- and the Taliban would then resestablish a presence. Rather than directly fight Canadians, the Taliban resorted to roadside bombs and explosive devices, which made life precarious, and every ventureoutside the wirenerve-wracking. …

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Written by Peter Worthington on Thursday July 7, 2011

Thousands Protest Georgia Immigration Law

The Associated Press reports : Thousands of marchers stormed the Georgia Capitol on Saturday to protest the state's new immigration law, which they say creates an unwelcome environment for people of color and those in search of a better life. Men, women and children of all ages converged

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Written by FrumForum News on Saturday July 2, 2011

Syrian Tank Attack Kills 4 Near Turkish Border

a tank-led assault that has already driven thousands of refugees across the northwest border with Turkey. "The four died in random firing on the village of Rama from tank machineguns, which has become customary in these unjustified assaults. The tanks started firing on surrounding woods then

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Written by FrumForum News on Wednesday June 29, 2011

Durable Goods Orders Increase 1.9%

slowdown in factory activity. Durable goods orders increased 1.9 percent after dropping 2.7 percent in April, the Commerce Department said on Friday. An improvement across the board in May and revisions to April's figures that showed smaller declines than previously reported, pointed to

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Written by FrumForum News on Friday June 24, 2011