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France's Nuclear Solution

And (the reasoning continued) an across-the-board ban on reprocessing was the only way to ensure against nuclear proliferation. This reasoning lacked cogency, to put it very mildly. First, even assuming that other nations cared about the example set by the U.S. civil nuclear

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Written by David Frum on Thursday July 2, 2009

Why Cant Republicans Do This?

Not Call Registry ? Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) knows all about them, too, having gotten one last week, and according to this story , he wants to do something about them – specifically, he wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the companies allegedly behind these calls

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Written by John S. Gardner on Monday May 11, 2009

An "Earth" To Delight In

James Earl Jones. This movie isn’t perfect---like a kid in a candy store the producers try to cram a few too many tasty cinematic gumballs in their mouths---but this greatest hits collection from the Discovery Channel planet earth mini-series includes some stunning shots that indeed

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Written by John Murdock on Tuesday April 21, 2009

Jim Will Win In Ny-20

since his opponent has been widely cast as anti-ROTC and anti-capital punishment for mass murderers . The Tedisco campaign has begun a strong push for donations to fund Jim’s legal team and their efforts. According to Tedisco spokesman Adam Kramer, the focus is going to be on

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Written by Tom Qualtere on Thursday April 2, 2009

Readers Respond

immigration to impending socialism, over nickel-a-point cribbage. "I mention all this not because I expect you to be fascinated with my life story, but to establish some bonafides." I welcome your 'unwelcome realities' because I have long recognized them and I thank you for giving voice to

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Written by David Frum on Friday March 13, 2009

Kids These Days

unconsummated romances between vampires and humans. Obviously the tripe put out by Abbie Hoffman in Steal This Book , the depressing Sylvia Plath and the now rather banal Anais Nin are not anything I’d want healthy young people reading. In fact, soulless, eternally damned undead

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Written by John Vecchione on Saturday March 7, 2009

Money Will Never Be Enough

demoralization of teaching in a dangerous, low-performing and mismanaged school by seeking external releases: Running up to 100 miles per week to train for a marathon, drinking too much on the weekend, reading three newspapers per day – anything to escape the “W-Zone” and the

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Written by Thomas Gibbon on Tuesday February 10, 2009

Some Advice For Three Leading Republicans

everything. You were ahead of your time then--but you could be right on time now. For Rudy Giuliani, right: America faces a seemingly hopeless, intractable problem in Iraq and the larger Middle East. Many Americans have lost heart altogether. They are tilting to the "quit now" message

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Written by David Frum on Saturday May 12, 2007

Joy Of Sex? Real Intimacy Was Too Close For Comfort

prepubescents in the early 1970s, but Comfort -- a physician whose academic speciality had been the study of sex and aging -- had little truck with idealized visions of the human body or, for that matter, the human spirit. Romantic desire was almost as alien to his conception of sexuality as

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Written by David Frum on Saturday August 5, 2000

In The Aftermath Of Monicagate Hillary Is Once Again Ascendant

initiative of Clinton's first term, health-care reform. Alas for Hillary, she made a total botch of her job. Hillary's friends all too often proved either incompetent or ethically tainted. And Hillary's own carefully cultivated image of rectitude was stained by revelations of her

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday May 12, 1998