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Message for the Commenters

be updated as frequently as FrumForum always was. 2. This new blog will have comments! I strongly encourage all our regulars to sign up for the Daily Beast & Newsweek's comment system. You are a dynamic and well informed commentating community, and I have no doubt you can raise the caliber

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Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Friday January 6, 2012

All Good Things...

was broadcasting conspiracy theories on cable TV. Three years later--not so much. OK, maybe we can't claim all the credit. But we won't refuse some fair share. Now like all good things, this adventure is coming to an end. I've been invited to move my blog and print journalism to the Daily

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Written by David Frum on Friday January 6, 2012

It's Time to Debate Birthright Citizenship

Clause as requiringconsentof the U.S. government. So, an Indian wanting to register to vote in Omaha, Nebraska was properly denied the franchise even though he was born in the state. According to the Court, birth was insufficient. Because he was born on an Indian reservation, he

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Written by Howard Foster on Thursday January 5, 2012

The Cordray Crisis

to impose its will on the whole US government. Over the past three decades, we have lived through a prolonged cycle of partisan revenge. Each party pushes the law to score partisan points in ways that would have been deemed unacceptable only just a little while ago. Then at the next turn of

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Written by David Frum on Thursday January 5, 2012

MSNBC Joins the Anti-Romney Bandwagon

took care to remove all premise of anonymity. Problem solved. But Matthews' duty was not yet done. Once it became clear that the anti-Newt barrage was doing nothing to diminish Romney's support in Iowa on Tuesday, Matthews took up the cause of giving a Gingrich attack line free

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Written by Jay Gatsby on Thursday January 5, 2012

Seriously, Why Won't Perry Drop Out?

Mitt Romney. So either Perry knows something that we don't, or some political consultants are making a nice profit out of lying to the Texas governor. The Anybody-but-Mitt crowd probably should pick up the phone and holler at the Perryites that it's time for the man to go back home.

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Written by Zac Morgan on Wednesday January 4, 2012