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Saudis to Buy $60B in U.S. Arms

said Saudi Arabia would be authorized to buy as many as 84 new F-15 advanced fighters and to upgrade up to 70 existing Saudi F-15s to a more advanced configuration. Congress could block or amend the sale, but officials said that isn't expected. A small group of lawmakers said they

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Written by FrumForum News on Thursday October 21, 2010

The Guardian's Make-Believe Canada

the National Post , is considered right-of-center in its editorial posture. So one might imagine that I am speaking as a partisan here. But Canadian progressives also have been outraged by Mallickbecause of the consistently hateful attitudes she has exhibited toward people who are

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Written by Jonathan Kay on Wednesday May 4, 2011

Canada's Senate Needs an Overhaul

10 Senators eachthe Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunuvat have one each. Without the appearance of some form of equality, Canada remains a country where Ontarians and Quebecois are more equal than the rest. Editorially, the Toronto Sun is annoyed at Harper for his Senate

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Written by Peter Worthington on Monday May 23, 2011

Why Canada Should Vote Conservative

Palestinian territory. For another, it will pre-empt Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on important security issues such as protecting Israeli airspace against the risk of West Bank rocket attacks. General Assembly votes are not subject to veto by the United States. They are settled by

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Written by David Frum on Saturday April 23, 2011

Canada's Bogus Scandal Frenzy

could fully equal Louisiana standards of vote-buying and self-dealing. But since then? We're reduced to complaining that Jason Kenney's interns used the wrong BlackBerry for emailing their LOLcat videos. OK not literally that - but very close. During America's crack wars of the early 1990

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Written by David Frum on Monday March 14, 2011

The Fat Diaries: Can You Enjoy Halloween Without Candy?

with no frosting, my four-year-old has little-to-no interest in sweets. She would rather have fresh berries, apples, clementine oranges, chilled cucumbers, baked almonds and yogurt (where she leaves all thefruit on the bottom” untouched). Most moms would be jumping for joy right

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Written by Monica Marier on Friday October 28, 2011

Banks Discuss Buying Back Greek Debt

let private sector creditors provide cash and breathing space to Greek debtors without being defined as a default by credit ratings agencies -- which have warned they are watching closely. The IIF said the group had discussed "debt buy-back approaches," but did not elaborate.

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Written by FrumForum News on Thursday July 7, 2011

US Caught China Buying More Treasuries

it wanted to bring those purchases into the open - all without ruffling feathers in Beijing. Treasury officials then worked to keep the reason for the auction-rule change quiet, with the acting assistant Treasury secretary for financial  markets instructing subordinates to not mention any

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Written by FrumForum News on Thursday June 30, 2011

Infrastructure Money Should Buy Us Things Worth Having

stimulus and wonder: what exactly did America buy with all that money? Where is the FDR Drive, where are the Grand Canyon steps, where are all of the equivalents of the amazing things built and done in the 1930s? And what exactly would $100 billion more buy for us? The strict Keynesian

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Written by David Frum on Tuesday June 14, 2011

The Golden Age of Book-Buying

and their solicitous proprietors. A small-town teenager buying The Grapes of Wrath might get to hear from the owner how it thrilled him when he first read it and learn of others in town who love Steinbeck. This is indeed great. A literary culture gets built that way. But impersonality has

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Written by FrumForum News on Saturday March 5, 2011