You Read it First at FrumForum

Written by John Vecchione on Tuesday January 3, 2012

Well, however tonight turns out it appears Rick Santorum is being given his chance. I particularly liked the analogy that makes the boyish Santorum Luke Skywalker, but whether the X-Wing takes down the well-coiffed Death Star Santorum's doggedness and convictions appear to be paying off. And for those of you who comment at FrumForum even David Brooks is now on board! Only a month later than your humble scribe.

If Santorum wins Iowa his lack of money and the make-up of New Hampshire mean a loss there. But South Carolina and Florida are different matters. South Carolina is a manufacturing state, as well as a social conservative state. His message may do very well there, if Perry, Newt and Bachman are out, and he ought to have the resources to get that message out. Florida however requires money for television advertisements. You can't shoe leather your way to victory in the Sunshine State.

Whatever the result there are few more gratifying spectacles than clean living, hard work and commitment to principle being rewarded somewhere.