Is Romney Winning Over Florida's Activists?

Written by Eli Lehrer on Saturday September 24, 2011

The Florida straw poll (technically associated with the Florida Republican Presidency 5 that coincides with the Conservative Political Action Conference) hasn't been released yet and, if the buttons and banners I've seen are any sign of enthusiasm, Rick Perry and Ron Paul will land at the top. (Michelle Bachman won't do badly either.)

But, in just the last few hours--since the debate Thursday--I've heard far more positive responses about Mitt Romney. A Florida elected official--a Republican who is much admired in Tallahassee--put it this way in describing his support for Romney: "I went to the debate looking for someone to dance with last night. And now my dance card is full."

While I didn't see a single Romney sign away from his official booth, there seemed to be a lot Friday. And his team is recruiting Florida activists I know in full force: a colleague of mine will probably be chairing at least one of his county campaigns. Romney may not do all that well in the Florida straw poll. But, best as I can tell, he's going over quite well with the CPAC audience/Presidency 5.

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