Free Minds, Free Markets, Free Booze?

Written by Noah Kristula-Green on Monday September 12, 2011

A colleague sends over this video of a man in Montana being stopped for a DUI. He responds by proclaiming his fealty to the Constitution and Ron Paul:

The video is amusing, and to be sure, one intoxicated man doesn’t necessarily represent an entire movement. However, there still some truth about Ron Paul's fans we can gleam from this.

The video hits on a true aspect of some of Ron Paul’s supporters: they are less interested in what the Constitution actually means, they simply believe that the Constitution and the “liberty” it provides acts as a catch-all protection from “oppression” by the state. Such as from "oppressive" drug tests.

A colleague quips:  "This is what non-interventionism means in the realm of domestic policy."

To be sure, some libertarians support Ron Paul because they want to take a principled stand against public funding for highways. I suspect a few others support Ron Paul because they think that on their privately funded roads, no one will arrest them for driving drunk and high at the same time. Or maybe there will be privately funded roads that will allow people to drive drunk on them but driving on those roads and taking that risk will be an individual's choice.